How to arrange meetings at Show Me Fire?

You can make an an appointment to see a Lady via Whatsapp or phone call. Everything is private.

Can I make an appointment with a special Lady that I wish to see?

You are welcome to make an appointment with a special Lady that you like before.

Can I choose the Lady that I want to spent time or how it works?

Of course, you can choose the Lady. At the beginning, they will greet you in front of the door and introduced themselves. You can talk with them privately and decide which Lady you want to spent time.

If I do not like any Lady to spent time, what would you do?

If you do not want to see any Lady when visiting Show Me Fire, we can offer you specific Lady if we learn your requirements. Maybe we can able to find a specific Lady as you wish to see later or today. Just don’t forget that at Show Me Fire, you can find many different lady at different times.

How can I sure about hygiene?

Show Me Fire has an excellent prestige about premises cleanliness. All ladies undergo health checks by doctors and get certificate regularly. Otherwise you can be sure that Victorian Health Department regularize its controls. We are considering about both our Ladies and clients health. And we don’t serve clients who want to have sex without condom.

How privacy works at Show Me Fire?

Our regular clients know how trusted we are. Don’t hesitate about privacy, we don’t need your detail information. 

Are introductions private until I choose the Lady that I want to spent time?

Of course, everything is private at Show Me Fire. Until you choose the lady, you will have private room to speak with ladies alone. We will never disturb you for any reason.

Can I have oral sex without condom?

The question that asked frequently, but the answer is no, you can’t. It carries risks still.

What kind of fantasies we can have?

Totally depending on your imagination, any kind of dress for ladies or for you, every lady has their own special character, but what do you want?

How many Lady I can see at once?

How many you want, it is up to you and your performance.

Can I drink alcohol at Show Me Fire?<br />

No, it is illegal to drink alcohol. 

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